Monday, August 3, 2009


I am a planner. I like to know of things, events, schedules, etc. way in advance. I love to write things down in my little red calendar. So when Josh tells me, Saturday afternoon, we're having some East Side kids over for Sunday lunch, my reaction was less than enthusiastic. I quickly go into 'how am I going to cook for a bunch of kids when I'm not that great in the kitchen?' mode. And then the 'how are we going to pay for this?' mode. And then sadly, 'wouldn't it just be easier to take them back home after church?' mode. However, as we headed into the busy Wal-Mart that evening, we came up with a meal that would be easy and cost efficient: spaghetti. Noodles, sauce, texas toast, a box of chocolate chip cookies and some Capri-Sun to finish it off. That wasn't so bad.
As the nine of us gathered around our table to share a meal together, I realized it wasn't so bad. In fact, it was good. Something happens when you open your home, your table, your family to others. The meal didn't last very long, Anna Grace didn't eat very much, and the spaghetti itself could have been much better but it was the start of something new. May God bless our table and those who come and eat.