Friday, June 15, 2007

Gettin' Settled

About a week and a half ago we moved into our new home here in Asheboro, and I (Josh) have only eaten at Bojangles twice. We've been extremely busy these past couple of weeks, but feel that the Lord is already confirming our calling . Pastor Charles and I are currently mulling over an idea for a ministry center in an impoverished section of our city. Every vacant building I drive past has become a possible suspect. I'm spending a lot of my time driving through the streets and praying for open eyes and open doors. Yesterday morning was spent in "Real Cuts" on Martin Luther King Drive. I exited the premises with an impeccable fade and a pocketful of stories.

In other news, Laura is doing great, and looking beautiful. Today is our fifth anniversary, and we plan on eating somewhere really nice (Bojangles perhaps?). The little one seems to be doing great, but her mama is starting to get a bit anxious.

Continue to pray for us as we spend our summer presenting our vision to the local churches.